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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gabby hates... [Entry 2]

Hello my lovelies. This is going to be a quick entry because I just came across this and it pissed me off to no end so I decided to write about it.

Ok so theres this show called Avatar the Last Airbender, which happens to be one of my favorite American cartoons ever made. And I would like to rant about 2 things about this show.

Number One: The Movie:

Oh god M Night Shyamalan does it again. I fucking hated this movie.

When I first watched it and I left the theatre I thought to myself "That wasn't so bad, I mean the characters were REALLY bland and had no personality, but they DID explain the story well..." But that was just me FORCING myself to like that peice of shit. The story was explained so well because THATS ALL THEY DID THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE. EXPLAIN STUFF. There was no substance or anything. And I don't know why M Night Shyamalan picked such GOD AWFUL actors. These kids COULD NOT ACT and the two people that were supposed to be in love had such HORRIBLE chemistry the ONLY way you could ever know that they were supposed to end up together is if you had already seen the series beforehand. UGH And I know that there's going to be a sequel because of the stupid cliffhanger ending. I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE OF THIS! They are RUINING my favorite T.V show...

Number Two: The Spinoff Series.

If you haven't already heard, there is going to be a spinoff series of this show [LINK] With apparently a NEW Avatar.

When I first heard about this series I thought to myself "This actually might be a pretty good spinoff, so long as they DON'T rehash any of the original characters just to get views, and keep the story fresh, but with alot of reference to the source material"

But then I realized... There is a HUGE plot hole in this series already. The original show was called "Avatar: The LAST Airbender" So how can there be another Avatar if THERE ARE NO MORE AIRBENDERS???? Seriously?

And the ONLY way this show would EVER work is if the new Avatar was the child of the old Avatar, which would mean that they would have to REHASH OLD CHARACTERS. Which is the OPPOSITE of what I wanted to see.

So yeah, so help me GOD if this spinoff sucks balls and makes no sense to the original story whatsoever I WILL GO ON A RAMPAGE DAMMIT.

And seriously? Why are they making a spinoff anyway? The Avatar series was fine as a stand alone series, it didn't need a crappy movie OR a crappy spinoff series. SO STOP TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF US FANS!


Which brings me to another subject, which will probably be in my next Entry of Gabby hates...

Question of the Day: How do you feel about Hollywood making a movie about the Ramona series of books with SELENA FUCKING GOMEZ as one of the protagonists? I for one am PISSED OFF. STOP RUINING MY FAVORITE BOOKS, HOLLYWOOD.

This concludes entry number 2 of 'Gabby hates...' Hope you all enjoyed it, BECAUSE I DIDN'T.

Did you gain something by reading this? Well I didn't gain anything by writing this SO THIS IS A 2-WAY STREET BUDDY.

- Gabby

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gabby hates...

If you don't already know me in person, then you should know that I HATE very many things. I love to rant and bitch about them so I decided to do a series on my blog called "Gabby hates..." This is my first entry.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Gabby hates...

Ok one thing I really hate are those people that come to your house and "Spread the word of Jesus" or people that stand around on street corner with signs and a mega phone preaching "IF YOU DON'T JOIN OUR CHURCH, YOU'RE GOING TO HELL"

Ok I am an Atheist but I DO believe that everyone should have a right to believe whatever they want. It's a free country and I am not going to tell you how to live your life SO STOP TRYING TO TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MINE.

Seriously. Have you ever seen me stand at a street corner with a megaphone screaming "GOD DOESN'T EXISTS" in everyone's ears? NO.

And what's with everyone telling me if I don't follow this religion I'm suddenly going to hell? I really don't think people are going to respond well to threats. How would you like it if you turned on your TV and an ad came on about Subway and the announcer said "IF YOU DON'T EAT THIS SANDWICH YOU WILL GO TO HELL" You think anyone would buy that sandwich? NO. I wouldn't (Well maybe I would if it was a meatball sub).

Also don't these people have better things to do than to stand on street corners and annoying everyone to death. Isn't church about helping the poor and needy? I DON'T SEE YOU GUYS DOING THAT. Seriously. Go do something useful. Get a hobby and stop annoying people that are just trying to live their lives.


Another thing that annoys me are those ads on Youtube when you're trying to watch a friggin 2 minute video. FIRST of all, there are ussually 100 ads surrounding the video, so is it really nessasary that they have to play one before the video. SECONDLY, this ad is probably longer than the friggin video itself. So...what's the point? ARGHHHHH

Also WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ADS BEFORE MOVIES WHEN YOU GO TO THE THEATER? If the ad companies are paying THIS MUCH MONEY to make the people at the theater play their ads before movies then WHY AM I STILL PAYING LIKE 18 BUCKS TO SEE A MOVIE? And thats WITHOUT popcorn.

Friggin ads drive me crazy. Which is why I don't watch TV anymore. I can just buy the DVD so I can skip all the wait between episodes and ALL OF THOSE GOD FORSAKEN ADS. Also because I am a cheap bastard.


This concludes the first entry of 'Gabby hates...' Hope you all enjoyed it, BECAUSE I DIDN'T.

Did you gain something by reading this? Well I didn't gain anything by writing this SO THIS IS A 2-WAY STREET BUDDY.

- Gabby

Monday, July 26, 2010


Why, hello there and welcome to Brain-Dead Blog. The blog where you get to listen to me ramble on about things that probably have no affect in your life what so ever. LET'S GET STARTED SHALL WE?

First a little introduction so you may learn a thing or two about me. :)

- My name is Gabby and the best way to describe me is if you put rainbows into a blender mixed with ice cream and gold then add a touch of cinnamon.
- I currently reside on planet Earth which is pretty mundane most of the time but I always can find a way to entertain myself.

- I'm a pretty laid back person, I love making jokes and making people laugh it's IS what I do best (besides everything else of course)

- I am a huge video game, anime, scifi, fantasy nerd. It's a big hobby. My favorite type of video game is RPG but alot of the time I can succumb to the JRPG world. It is a guilty pleasure of mine.

- I also love to draw. I'm not especially good at it but I will admit I'm better that your average Joe.

- I am REALLY lazy. I can always find ways to procrastinate on doing something. It's become a huge problem...

- And finally, I love music. I love so many bands I can't even list them all. I love music from mainstream pop to hardcore metal to indie electronica.

Soooooo that's probably every thing you need to know about me. I will try to blog every other day (or whenever I feel like it) updating you all on my unexciting, uninteresting, life.

Did you gain something by reading this? Well I didn't gain anything by writing this SO THIS IS A 2-WAY STREET BUDDY.

- Gabby