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Monday, July 26, 2010


Why, hello there and welcome to Brain-Dead Blog. The blog where you get to listen to me ramble on about things that probably have no affect in your life what so ever. LET'S GET STARTED SHALL WE?

First a little introduction so you may learn a thing or two about me. :)

- My name is Gabby and the best way to describe me is if you put rainbows into a blender mixed with ice cream and gold then add a touch of cinnamon.
- I currently reside on planet Earth which is pretty mundane most of the time but I always can find a way to entertain myself.

- I'm a pretty laid back person, I love making jokes and making people laugh it's IS what I do best (besides everything else of course)

- I am a huge video game, anime, scifi, fantasy nerd. It's a big hobby. My favorite type of video game is RPG but alot of the time I can succumb to the JRPG world. It is a guilty pleasure of mine.

- I also love to draw. I'm not especially good at it but I will admit I'm better that your average Joe.

- I am REALLY lazy. I can always find ways to procrastinate on doing something. It's become a huge problem...

- And finally, I love music. I love so many bands I can't even list them all. I love music from mainstream pop to hardcore metal to indie electronica.

Soooooo that's probably every thing you need to know about me. I will try to blog every other day (or whenever I feel like it) updating you all on my unexciting, uninteresting, life.

Did you gain something by reading this? Well I didn't gain anything by writing this SO THIS IS A 2-WAY STREET BUDDY.

- Gabby


LReneeS said...

Ha ha, I love your first post. The way you described yourself is so funny. You would say that about yourself.
And you're right, I didn't gain anything from this lol, but I'm totally loving the tone of the blog so far so I'll come back when you have more up.

Muffin Hero said...

I know, I'm just oozing with amazingness

LReneeS said...

Ha ha. Sure... JK, of course you are;P